Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quito, Ecuador once again!!

 We flew to Ecuador on Christmas Day and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise at Logan Airport!

 The day went by quickly, 3 hours to Miami and 4 to Quito, a taxi from the airport and we were enjoying the nightlife near our hotel by 8:30pm.

 The next day, today, we walked around town. Here's an old church in Quito. Outside and in...

Sunday is a great day to walk around the Parque El Eljido in Quito, many families were out and about enjoying the day. So nice to be in a place where we are warm with fresh fruit everywhere.

One of the many beautiful children of Ecuador.

Sunday market.

Joe trying on a hat, and there are many here.

Entrance to the parque.

Pot hole? No problem, a truck comes by, they shovel the hot tarmac in the hole (while Joe and Ian walk by) ...

and a roller dude smashes it down. Hole gone. No policemen, no stopping traffic, just business as usual.  Wonder why we can't do that in New England? 

The police like roaming around together.

One the main streets, Avenida Rio Amazones, is closed off on Sundays for bicycles, all ages enjoy it.

Joe in our plaza Foch, our hotel in the background, Nu House.

Just to show we ate lunch outside today, how lucky is that!!!

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  1. Awesome! I wish I was there, too. Have a chocolate Casero for me!