Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finding our way back home to Massachusettes.

Where are Ian and Amy?  Today Amy is at the cottage in MA and Ian is working and living at Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in Manomet, MA.  Joe is in Arlington, Virginia finishing up his work there and flying back to MA on May 1st, just in time to enjoy another Spring.

Ian and I left Virginia on April 5th, just 10 days ago, traveled to New Jersey for 2 days, then on to Massachusetts where we're both hoping to stay put for awhile. Ian's job banding birds will ensure he stays in Manomet until June 15th.

Our apartment in Arlington, Virginia. Lots of flowers and no upkeep :-)

A resident in our building, we've seen her feed birds off of the balcony and here she's feeding her 'pet' squirrel.  He didn't really respond to hearing his name called, but she did it many times, anyway.

The biggest shoe store I've ever seen, DSW.  A short walk from our apartment.

The house Joe grew up in!  Falls Church, Virginia.

A beautiful planting of Hyacinths in a neighborhood garden.

We stopped in New Jersey to visit my Dad.  Ian and his Grandpa.

Very good Chinese take out.

Me and my Dad who will be 82 this summer and still medication free! 

Daffodil north of Boston.

Elaine visiting from Calgary with her son Andrew.

Ian and Andrew met when they were a year old, their birthdays are a few weeks apart and Elaine and I have been friends since we lived in California.

Ian at his computer at home.

Eileen and her family took excellent care of Milo for the nearly 5 months we were away from home. We missed him and it was great to see him again. It took him very little time to settle in, he was well loved at Eileen's and not traumatized at all.

Ian filling up the bird feeders at the cottage. Note the lack of blooming trees or flowers, and the wind on the water. Cold, but sunny and beautiful.

Red Winged Black Bird.  Great red 'shoulders'.

My dormant garden. Too cold and windy to garden yet, but soon...

Daffodils south of Boston.

Ian at the computer before he moves it into his place at work.  He moves his iMac around like a laptop and it's been very portable with the original box as a case.

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