Saturday, April 4, 2009

Arlington Cemetery, Virginia

Joe and I took the metro to Arlington Cemetery today, while Ian had his last day of birding with his friend Paul. Tomorrow Ian and I drive to NJ and leave this beautiful city of Washington DC, it's been a quick 2 months. Joe will be working in DC for another month and comes back to Massachusetts in May. The 3 of us have lived well in our small apartment in Virginia and enjoyed exploring the many grand and free sights of the area. We truly have an extraordinary capital for our country, of all the large cities I've been in, Washington DC is my favorite.

Entrance to Arlington Cemetery.

Changing of the guard. Only one guard changed every half hour. I was underwhelmed by the whole procedure, it was very robotic, but then I guess that's the point of it.

Joe and our flag.

An impressive amphitheater just behind the unknown soldier memorial.


Queen for a day, or a year, or longer :-)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the city in the background.

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