Saturday, February 28, 2015

La Tour Eiffel in Paris looking fabulous!

What a perfect day to go see the Eiffel Tower yesterday, beautiful sky and not a lot of people around. Joe and I looked at it from many angles, and yes, it looks fantastic no matter how you view it!! The French really do have a great sense of design, and I'm glad they didn't tear it down after it served it's original purpose for a World's Fair in 1889. 

Here are some more views of it, in case you want to see a few more, or forgot what it looked like :-)

La Tour Eiffel...What a dramatic structure, deserves all it's praise!

You know you're in France when... berets, well dressed people, laughter....

The old puddle refection shot, a staple of this trip, a little rain the day before can be a good thing!

Lucky us, this couple was having their wedding photos taken and so I took some, too :-)

Wardrobe issues...

Sunset over the River Seine was beautiful, too. 

 The couple next to us had these great little keychains, and let me take a few photos with them. They were prepared!

I added some textures and french script to this blue hour shot. 

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