Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Domestic Chores in the 1600's: Plimoth Plantation

Inside the huts at Plimoth Plantation are all kinds of daily chores taken care of by the Pilgrim women, the original house wives. I loved visiting there with my friend Betty, a great place for making interesting images with many kinds of textures, colors and light streaming in the windows. Enjoying my new camera, a full frame DSLR Canon 6D!

 An overview of the village where 'actors' recreate life after the Mayflower arrived.

Making cheese.

Preparing a meal.

 Hanging out.


 Taking beans out of their pods.

 Boiling eggs.

 Nothing quite like a good dirt floor.

Scrapping a cone of hard sugar to get some grains to add to her meal.

If ever you think your domestic chores take up a lot of time, think of life before electricity, hardwood floors, gas stoves... well, we have it pretty darn good! Including having the men helping out.

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