Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evan Scribner at Fenway Park

Evan Scribner is the first born of my friends Gail and Dave Scribner of Washington Depot, Connecticut. Gail and I have been close friends since we were 21, so we go way back. I remember when Evan was born, and now he's a major league baseball pitcher for the San Diego Padres!  A dream come true for him and his family!!
Evan got us tickets for the game on June 20th, and off we went to the venerable Fenway Park, my first baseball game there, or anywhere, in about 10 years. What a fun night!!

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Evan is a closing pitcher and pitched in the 7th inning.

We parked close by, plenty of room if you get there at 5:30.  $40 and you have to vacate an hour after the game. 

Special will call.

Our bags were checked and their's a limit on the size you can take in.

Yawkey Way, where food and T shirts are sold before you go inside. Of course, there's more food inside...

Gail and Dave, proud parents, making arrangements with Evan's fans that came from their hometown in Connecticut.

Shagging flies before the game. 

Famous green monster and score board, manually updated.

Door to the room in back of the score board where only players are allowed, Evan said it's covered with signatures from baseball players, and now his is there, too.

Pre game practice.

Evan Scribner.

The old wooden torture chairs.

Updated chairs, but our section had the old wooden ones....

Known for it's close seating arrangements, here's proof room is tight when you are seated! 

 Evan brings out the candy bag for the Padres, a tradition for the rookies.

Stylin' at Fenway.

This was a sold out Red Sox game, most or all of the games do sell out. An amazing number of people, 38,000+ all in one small stadium, quite a sight!! All well behaved and it worked. The yellow shirted people are hawking food and lemonade, no beer. Tough job.

 Fans wanting me to take their photo :-)

Ah, yes, the food... much was consumed.

Yellow man selling pretzels.

Miles Scribner, Evan's brother and his girlfriend, Katelyn. 


View of Boston from Fenway Park. 

Padres bull pen, one set of legs should be Evan's...

Ah, the beer. Can't watch a game without some beer.

The right field roof, nice area.

A mass of fans, mostly Red Sox :-)

A peek of Evan in the dugout.

Dave, with other Padres friends and family. We had tickets in the visitors section, behind home plate.

Evan warming up in the bull pen.

 Connecticut fans and friends.

Evan's turn to pitch, very exciting to see him coming out onto the field!!!

 Game over, the Padres lost but win the next 2 games against the Red Sox! 

Lots of cleanup after a Red Sox game!

The next day Evan takes us all to a lovely lunch at P F Changs, another beautiful day in Boston.

 Evan and his girlfriend, Katie.

The Scribner family and their significant others. Left to right: Katelyn, Miles, Katie, Evan, Dave and Gail.

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  1. Enjoyed this. Mostly, I suppose because I'm a Scribner too. Also, I was a ballplayer back in the day. Shortstop converted to pitcher. Born in Framingham, MA. I know that Evan is with the A's now at Sacramento, but have every hope he will find his way back to the Bigs. He has what it takes, I've seen it.