Monday, January 17, 2011

Otavalo, Ecuador

Our last 5 days of our 3 weeks in Ecuador were spent in Otavalo, a market town in the Andes north of Quito. I've been there twice before, Joe's first time and he loved it as much as I do. There are many more indigenous people living and thriving here than the other towns we visited. Also claims to be the largest market town in South America, the open air markets are fantastic.

Parque Condor, a bird rescue place definitely worth going to see!

Otavalo is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. 

We rode a bus for 25 cents for a 20 minute trip. Nothing like the time Ian put in on busses for the 3 weeks he was in Ecuador birding!

 The Relais Hotel, we went for a lovely lunch.

Complete with a music box as a serving dish :-)


Luke, one of Ian's very good birding friends. 

Tayler and Andrew, also birding friends.

We all went out to dinner our last night in Quito, Ecuador. The other 3 are staying on at various birding jobs. 

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  1. I think it's time for you to create a portfolio and take it to a publisher of travel magazines/books/e-zines to suggest photo essays of travels in Ecuador... your quality is that good and you make everything enticing! (and then you can tax-deduct, to boot ;-) )