Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn in New England

 Autumn in New England lives up to it's reputation, it's always spectacular! Here's a sampling of the beauty of our area, many of these photos taken while on meetups with my camera club. So much more fun going shooting with friends :-)

These first photos were taken at Quincy Quarries, a photo shoot set up by Carol from our camera club. We all loved it!!
Bonus of a lifelong quarry historian to explain how the granite was taken out of here to build the Bunker Hill Monument, among many other famous buildings in New England.
Joe's homemade pumpkin chocolate vegan birthday cake.

Yesterday we were invited to the beautiful Slocum-Gibbs Cranberry bogs to watch the wet harvesting. The land is well taken care of by the owner John in a sustainable manner that will allow him to harvest for 100 years.

Joe throwing leaves in the air for me at Mt Auburn Cemetery.
Joe and Bill.

View of Boston from Quincy Quarries, a photo shoot we went on last week. 
Maureen and Rick, friends from our photo club who come to many events. Good sports and good photographers!

Turning Mills Ruins in Quincy, Ma. We had fun shooting here after we went to the Quarries.
Entrance by special permission only.
This beautiful Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk entertained all us by posing and flying from tree to tree, awesome!

Innocent passer by...
On the way back from NJ, at a rest stop.

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