Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Otavalo Market, Ecuador

Otavalo is full of friendly people, sights and sounds, textures and colors, home of the largest outdoor crafts market in South America. Located a short hour and a half north of Quito, it will soon be even easier to get to when the new airport opens in 2011. This is my second time in Otavalo and I am torn between wanting to make this our winter home, or Mindo. One has birds, lots of nature, the children of Salem International and many new friends. Otavalo has a thriving indigenous community with more fresh food than you can imagine. Here's a look at the daily food market for the people that live there, this is one of the things that makes Otavalo so beautiful and appealing to me.

Rolling hills and volcanos surround Otavalo.

A family affair, shelling beans and hanging out together at the market.

A boy with a toy gun, at least I hope it's a toy!


Quinoa bow tie pasta I bought from this vendor made a great meal with some fresh vegetables.

Corn in all it's forms is very popular in Ecuador. Popcorn is served with soup.

Beans anyone?

Real chicken, not in cellophane and Styrofoam.

I've never soon so many potatoes!

Such abundance! This market went on forever and is a daily event.

See the little hand sticking out? Babies attached to their mothers are the usual way.

Tree tomato, used mainly to make juice that I enjoy, but many other gringos don't care for it.

All family members help out at the market.

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