Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enjoying August in New England

Summer in New England is wonderful, everyone's out and about, active and having fun with family and friends. Whatever you didn't get around to doing in July is moved to August, the last chance before school starts in September and people resume their non summer lives.
I do my best to keep summer going until November, and stretch out the warm outdoor time as much as possible.

The Plymouth Digital Photographers went to the Plimoth Plantation on August 7th. I love this photo of my smiling, happy photographer friends.

Pilgrims Progress is a reenactment done by the Mayflower Society House on certain Fridays during the year, and Thanksgiving Day. It was such fun photographing children dressed up as pilgrims frolicking in a beautiful garden.

Pilgrim's Progress.

Julie's 3rd photo outing with her 3 week old baby boy. Being very talented and resourceful, she's not letting having a newborn keep her home or stop her from taking photographs!

Judy (on the left) and Yvonne (middle) are members of our club.

Pilgrim lineup.

Julie's 2 and 3/4 year old daughter, Danika, adorable and very photogenic.

Pilgrims starting their procession along the waterfront in Plymouth.

August 9th was the sculpture show opening of Tim Gough, my Wayback friend's son. He's a gifted artist and his show was awesome! Link to his website.

Tim's art on the wall.

Gail, a Wayback friend, Ric, father of the artisit and Joe.

Ting, mother of the artist, talking with Gail. The metal dress to the right was made by Tim entirely of thumb tacks!

The Buddhist monks from Thailand moved across the street and had a lovely open house for the neighborhood.

Ric, Ting, Gail, Joe, and Ian. A group portrait to show we all really were together for the weekend. And because I made them pose for me :-)

You can tell it's me from my name tag.

Ian and I went to visit Janet and her family in Chatham, where they were vacationing in early August.

Janet's grandaughter, Madeline.

Madeline's parents, Julie and Glenn. Grandfather Bob with Janet on the right. All eyes on the cute baby!

Yep, I always go onto my roof to use my cell phone.... This is Cape Cod, after all.

Back in Plymouth where I dropped off and picked up Ian from his job on the Captain John Boats this summer.

Ian waiting to get off the boat. He counted birds and collected data, the rest of the people are on the boat to whale watch.

Plymouth Harbor.

Rain on the waterfront.

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