Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Friends through Plymouth Photography Club

I've always wanted to join a camera club in Plymouth, but the closest ones were 40 minutes away and met in the evenings. So I formed a new photography club using the internet and Meetup is a great way to find other people with similar interests to your own. From knitting, gardening, pets, going out to dinner, you name it, someone has formed a club for it. And if they haven't you can form your own.
Plymouth Digital Photographers Meetup Group was formed 3 weeks ago and we already have 49 members. After 2 meetings, one to get acquainted and one to walk around Plymouth taking photos, I am so happy to have met so many local passionate photographers. It's my new obsession. Also the reason I haven't been blogging. Here are the photos I took on our walk and shoot last week. On Tuesday we're meeting before sunrise at the beach. So far 9 people have signed up, who would have thought that many people would want to be at the beach at 4:45am!

We met at Jenney Grist Mill in Plymouth. 18 people showed up with all kinds of cameras and levels of experience.

We milled around taking photos and talking, lots of fun.

Mary and Jim, 2 photographers in one family!

Pegge has a new camera and Adele, who helped me decide to start the club, is helping her.

Shawn, a professional photographer who has had her own business shooting weddings, etc.

Hank, who also likes to golf. He can only meet on Thursdays if it's raining as it's his golf day.

Julie will run our photoshop class before she has her baby in early August.

Jamie, Tom, Yvonne, Adele, Rhonda and Nancy (left to right).

Julie and Hank.

Brewster Gardens.

Shawn, Adele, Pegge, Sandi and Doreen.

A pilgrim walking around town.


The Mayflower Society House has lovely gardens.

Front of Mayflower Society House.

Entrance to Burial Hill, a very old cemetery on top of the hill overlooking downtown Plymouth.

Shawn and Julie.

Ian had a great time with us and people were impressed with his knowledge of birds and his camera equipment. Ian, Tom, Rhonda.


  1. No photoshopping in these, right? A Pilgrim walking around?? nice post.


  2. Nice looking group! Wish I lived closer.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I saw your comment about not finding our email address, go to our blog and it appears on the left side. Glad that you enjoyed our program. Lisa