Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Group Sleepover

Every year at the beginning of June for the past 6 or 7? years our book group has had a sleepover at my family's cottage in Manomet. The first one was centered around the book Chocolat and we ate many chocolate inspired foods. Sometimes we have a book and theme, sometimes we just wing it, but it's always a lot of fun and as Michele said "As our lives take us in so many different directions, it's comforting to know we have our little rituals to hold us together!" We all homeschooled our children together over the past 13 years, they are now fledging and changes are many, but the sleepover and our friendship remain a priority.

The cottage, site of sleepover for grown women.

White Horse Beach. After everyone arrives and settles in we walk to the beach.

Horse Shoe Crab.

Priscilla, Michele, Julia and Christina. Mary couldn't make it this year :-(

Julia and Christina...

....sharing a laugh.

Gulls. Never say Sea Gulls if you're around a birder.


Julia, Michele and Priscilla with something on her foot??

Women of a certain age getting ready to jump.

Michele off the ground!

We're all nearly off the ground!

OK, we're all airborne! Not very glamorous but we are having way too much fun!

Walking back to the cottage.

Lots of great food, these are humus rollups Julia brought.

Beans and sun-dried tomatoes Priscilla brought.


Michele. I made potato pasties.


A late lunch on the deck before everyone leaves for home.

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  1. Another reason why women live longer than men... relationships - d'oh

    It's corny, but I like Wolfgang Puck's motto on his restaurants, "Live, Love, Eat".