Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring in New Hampshire.

I was in Walpole, NH for several days this past week visiting friends from my college days in Marietta, Ohio. Ting and I were roommates our freshman and sophomore years and Ting met her husband Ric on my birthday way back then. We've been friends ever since, some thirty odd years. I always enjoy my visits to their warm and comfortable home in beautiful New Hampshire. Walpole is a quaint historical town located about 20 minutes north of Keene on the Connecticut river and has a population of 3600.

Johnny Jump Ups come up every year in Ting's garden, and I now have some transplanted into my garden.

Ben, their rugged cat, climbs up and down from the second floor balcony.

Ting's garden, one small part of a very large, well tended vegetable garden.

The deck Ric is building.

Too many beds to count, and the bounty is plentiful.

 A Grey Fox has recently been making an appearance in the yard.

Ting and I treat ourselves to a pedicure in Keene!

The finished product, now all we need is warm weather to show off our pretty toes.

Avocado Maki for lunch, delicious.

Hydrangea at a nursery, we went to several looking for lettuce seedlings.

A typical transaction at a nursery, Ting paying for her goods.

Harrows, across the river in Vermont.

We take a nice long walk on the roads by Ting's house, no traffic and lovely everywhere you look.

Tractor carrying hay just mowed from Ting and Ric's yard.

Ye olde New England Colonial home.

The abundant lilacs in Walpole inspired Louisa May Alcott to write Under the Lilacs in 1878.

Domesticated Chinese geese, not native to this hemisphere. (This information is from Ian, my son, the birder.)
They sure were cute strutting around someone's yard.

Beautiful rolling hills, Walpole is primarily an agricultural town.

The famous Knitters come knit and have a good time on Tuesdays at Ting's.

Ellen crocheting a baby hat...

All done!

 Me in the dorm room Ting and I shared in 1972 at Marietta College, Ohio.

Ting and a friend at the time, Robin, same room 1972.


  1. Wow! I love this picture of Ting in her hot shorts and wide belt. What a cutie! Those are some short, shorts!

  2. great fact on Louise May Alcott. great johnny jump ups and hydrangea fotos.

  3. Thank goodness you can't see my platform shoes!