Sunday, March 20, 2016

Life in Plaza del Salvador, Seville

More images on the theme of people in the streets of Seville. Since I'm mostly walking in the streets that's where I see people, sometimes inside in the bars and restaurants. Outside is the preferred place to be, and in this city everyone else seems to think the same way!
Most of these are taken in Plaza del Salvador, we are often there, great area of activity.

The most charming Spanish father and daughter, we shared a beer in Plaza del Salvador. She attends a private all English school and spoke English in the most delightful way. She and I bought Macarena pins together, check out her coat.

I call this "Then and Now". The young boy will be an older man someday, and the man was once a young boy. He may be looking for his younger self...

Two well dressed brothers running wild in the plaza. 

 Love the earrings!

 Another view of the plaza.

 Old time look, the plaza has been here long before photography.

 He looks like a bad guy in a movie, Snape in the Harry Potter movie??

Very creative haircuts/sideburns in Seville.

 They were happy to pose for me, amigos!

 Another bachelorette party, having a good time!

Close to full moon, near the Cathedral.

 They kept track of our drinks and tapas by writing with chalk directly on the bar, new one on me.

 Slow shutter speed, I liked the happy accident.

Beautiful evening last night!

Dinner under the orange trees.

Happy child.

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