Friday, March 4, 2016

Our first Pueblo Blanco! Arcos de la Frontera, Spain.

Not really our first white hilltop town ever, but Arcos de la Frontera is our first one on this trip to Spain. Always a treat to see a village that is predominantly painted white, these white hilltop villages are a part of the Andalusian culture and bring many people to the southern area of Spain to enjoy their uniqueness. Like us!
If you visit, be prepared for walking on steep narrow streets, and driving is very challenging, remember to turn in your side mirrors or risk breaking them off. The town was built for horses, donkeys and carts, dating back to 1011... imagine that!...the streets are in great shape considering how long they've been here.

 The beautiful town of Arcos de la Frontera.

The resolution isn't that good on these images, I make them smaller so they load faster for people with all kinds of internet speed. For a more detailed sharper version see my Flicker page here:
You'll be able to see the sheep there!

 The church on Plaza de Cabildo, the main square at the top of the hill.

If you come for a stay here, instead of a day trip like we did, the Parador is the place to settle in. Beautiful dining room and other public areas as seen here. Open to all.

The less formal place to eat at the Parador.

Nice view!

The Parador patio here is the only place in town we found where you can eat outside with a view. Great spot for photos, too.

Taken from the patio.

We drove to this parking lot at the very top, not easy, but saved a lot of steep walking.

Sunning spot.

Caught with it's tongue out!

A beautiful day to be here.

She was walking up the hill, so I asked her if she needed any help, maybe I could carry something? But as she settled into the doorway, she said she was waiting for someone to come pick her up. 
Loved the light.

Dogs, cats, babies... I have a soft spot for photographing them all!

Down at the river bed near where the sheep were grazing.

Just another narrow white street.

Spanish word of the day....Bathrooms are called Aseos here in Spain. Good to know.

Wanting a bit of color I added a texture and came up with this 'painted' version of a photo.

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