Saturday, March 5, 2016

People of Seville Walking Around

Daytime or nighttime, there are people everywhere enjoying being outside and the main feature they all have... they are walking! Hundreds of them, all the time! Not just for a short walk in a new destination, or as tourists, the way we mainly do at home, but as an everyday activity that they use to get to work, home, shopping, meeting friends or picking up their children from school. Maybe city dwellers do this in the States, but in Plymouth, it's mostly us in our cars. 
We schedule walks, here in Seville it's a way of life.

These women walked to lunch to celebrate the one on the left's engagement, we had the table next to them. Another nice long lunch outside.

Sometimes it takes 3 to give directions....And yes, there are a lot of cars, too :-)

Pedestrian only street during the paseo time in the evening.

She's probably 105 years old, but as a walker she's still active. And a sharp dresser!

Some frivolity.

A very typical newsstand, they close up into a self contained box that stays put.

Walking with a musical instrument is very common, sometimes even while playing it!

Our spot for dinner.

A heated political discussion, but it's a discussion, not a shouting match, refreshing.

Well, maybe you have a point....

Plaza Nueva.

Walking shoes are important, just check out Joe's blog. Shoe stores here are like Dunkin Donuts in New England...everywhere! 3 on the same block. I really liked these men's shoes, not so good in the rain as they have actual holes in them. But you can change the color of the laces.

After dinner we walk home, this is the street we live on, our gate is just behind me on the left.  El Cortez Ingles is on the left, and they have a nice food market inside downstairs, where we shop.

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  1. Aw what a nice way to spend the days and evenings...jealous...quite a juxtaposition of a and feet :O