Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Hat Ladies in Seville, Spain

Especially on Saturdays, the fashionable women of Seville don their beautiful hats for special occasions. They look fabulous, each hat a work of art custom made in one of the local hat shops.  Joe and I refer to them as the hat ladies... as in, quick, here comes another hat lady!!
I think mostly they are coming from a wedding, all dressed up for the occasion in their finest attire. Saturday and sometimes on Sunday for the hats, but mostly everyday people in Seville look very fashionable all the time.

They didn't mind posing for me, why not, they look great!

A wedding spilling out into the street.

One of the everyday well dressed people, children, too.

Amigas going to a wedding.


Looks like even nice clothes aren't enough to put a smile on her face.

Even though he is a dapper guy, his woman, in matching yellow, walked off after they were looking at the map together... apparently he wasn't deciding which direction to go fast enough.

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