Saturday, March 19, 2016

On the Streets of Seville, Spain

A few more photos from my large assortment taken in Seville, Spain. We've been here over a month and I have now accumulated close to 5000 images! A bit much, but oh my... the things I see on the street here are so compelling!! 
A look at what's on the streets of Seville.

Just your everyday imposing Cathedral... magnificent inside, too! Cathedral of Seville.

Another great place to play with your camera, Plaza de España. 

We met this vivacious Spanish woman, Marguerite, at a cafe. She looked good in my new red hat, a loan for the photo.

Lots of energy and very friendly.

The Triana neighborhood across the bridge.

These guys are showing up everywhere, a symbol of Semana Santa, Holy Week in Seville.

The Hercules neighborhood in Seville, the man on the balcony adding an authentic air.

I wanted to show you that yes, it is warm here. Maybe not this warm, but everyone doesn't have their coats on.

A colorful neighborhood, this Hercules area, and a tattoo friends gathering for lunch.

Cool door.

One that was open.

These thin paper posters are everywhere, and changed often.

This fabric store caught my eye, never seen one so fancy.

A little opera??

Joe looking out of our window.

Another bachelorette party. It's the custom to celebrate your upcoming wedding by roaming the streets with your best friends, everyone dressed in a similar outrageous thing. Here it's the red wigs. They are very creative and have a lot of fun, the men do it, too.

This young boy found the pigeons fascinating. He looks afraid here, but he really enjoyed them. I brought some stale bread with me to feed them.

Headless girl on the run... feet off the ground! 

Olives and beer at Plaza del Salvador... before dinner tapas. Everyone shares tables.

Out in the country....near Jerez, is the charming La Cartuja Santa Maria de la Defensión Convent. 

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