Tuesday, March 1, 2016

An Evening out in Triana, Seville

Last night, Joe and I walked to one of our favorite parts of Seville, the Triana area over the bridge. It's about a 10 minute walk, and always lots of people watching and activity going on. As it was Andalusia Day yesterday, a Monday holiday, everyone was out and about enjoying another beautiful day in Seville. We were, too! 
Here are the images I managed to process :-)

The area on the right of the river is Triana, and we ended up having a great dinner there. First we walked around the area and explored both sides of the bridge.

The official name is Puente (Bridge) de Isabel II. I'm reading a book about her at the moment, a powerful woman in the 15th century, when there were not many. She was inspired by Joan of Ark. Also known as the Triana Bridge.

A beautiful evening to be on the water.

We found this restaurant in one the buildings overlooking the river, and sat at the bar for tapas and a beer. The owner, pictured here, was very friendly and turned out to be a vegetarian, the kind that eats fish. The food was very good and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a comfortable, authentic and well run place for tapas and drinks.

Having a great big real pig leg on the bar gets some getting used to, but every eating establishment has one. Hoof and all!!

A complete selection of bottles and postcards from all over the world.

Ended our meal with chocolate cake, yum!!

The restaurant's name is T de Triana and they have Flamenco on Thursday nights at 10pm. We'll go back.

Having finished dinner early, at 9pm, we walked around some more and Joe found his favorite musicians, beautiful music!

An iPhone panorama of the area looking at the Triana Bridge with a texture added in Photoshop. Our restaurant was on the far side of the river in the small buildings near the water.

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