Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seville Images with my iPhone 6S

This set of images were all taken with my iPhone 6s, with the native camera. I tend not to use a camera app, I'm just quicker with the camera that is just a swipe away. If I had been a second later I would not have gotten the pigeons in the archway, and sometimes a second is all you have. 
My favorite apps for processing are Snapseed, DistressedFx and sometimes Enlight. 
Some of these were processed in Photoshop and had textures added there, I have more creative control that way. 
For those of you that have an iPhone, there's no good reason you can't make photographs you're happy with, too!

A little courtyard we stumbled upon, we ate lunch just next to it outside.

On our way home after dinner in the rain, we ducked into a doorway to wait it out a bit. I saw these amazing knockers, and liked the light with Joe looking at them. Those are hands and oranges, to match the orange trees everywhere.

Lunch al fresco, Arenal area by the Cathedral.

Arenal... these arches were good to me, so were the pigeons!

Two long legged fashionable women strolling along, this was a lucky shot.

Our waitress gave me a smile when I asked, good sports.

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