Tuesday, January 29, 2013

El Pueblo, Puerto Aventuras

Also known as Poblado Puerto Aventuras.
My friend Christy and I went to the other side of the main highway to the town where the locals live, which is quite different from the part of Puerto Aventuras where the 'touristas' such as us, visit and live. We are on the beach side, with the nice condos and golf courses, but the other side has much more local color and interest, and is a photographers' paradise. I really enjoyed talking to the people, trying their food and admiring their choice of wild colors.

 I dragged my sorry you know what out of our condo today to go 'play' here. A bad sore throat has kept me under for a few days. Good thing Christy is here to keep me going! We had a good time, how could you not with all this color?

 No matter what, everyone is always well dressed with clean clothes.

 What are these tiny things? Baby socks?


  1. Wow! And it took me 9 years to pick out my mild, non-controversial colors for our interior. What a feast for the eyes, Amy!

  2. p.s. Maybe those teeny things are baby knee pads!