Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Birders Take off for their 2400 Mile Adventure

Our 4 birders left Puerto Morelos yesterday in search of beautiful birds, they had a long list of target birds, 49 hours of driving over 18 days, and many locations across Mexico. There are some links on the right side of my blog here, Luke's Blog and Birding Across the World,  that should have more info on the details of their trip, when they get to blogging. Depends on wifi availability where they stop. Last night they stayed in a tent, and we got an email when they were having dinner near Calakmul.

Excited to be off on their adventure around Mexico!!
Jess, Keenan, Luke, and Ian.

Getting it to all fit in the car...

 Jess and Keenan didn't waste any time getting their binos and finding birds once they got here a few days ago.

 Their last night here we had great pizza at 'I Wanna Pizza' in Puerto Morelos!

 Keenan's tools of the trade including the birders bible of birds in Mexico.

 Baby bananas for their trip.

Dr Joe to the rescue! First he was doctor flashlight, checking Ian's throat often when it wasn't getting any better. Now he's become doctor shot, he gave Ian 4 shots in the butt at home before they all headed out. Keenan valiantly volunteered to give the last shot, that would be today. Novice Joe taught Keenan how to give the injection, and Ian helped mix the meds that went into the needle. For people who have never had to this, it went well. Ian said his butt wasn't any more sore than when the real doctor did it. Ian's on the mend, and doing well!

 All set to go, bye...

 Jess will be the one and only driver for the 18 day trip, good luck Jess!!

And they're off!!! I'll miss them.

A little New Year sparkle. Happy New Year 2013 everyone!!!

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