Friday, February 1, 2013

Medico in Puerto Aventuras

Looks like we're making the rounds of doctors in Mexico, first for Ian a month ago, and this time for me. My sore throat was getting worse, progressing into my chest, and I needed help, so we sought and found a doctor that took great care of me. That was on Wednesday, and today, Friday, I'm still not well, but am better. The coughing is debilitating, as anyone who is going through this knows, but this too shall pass. I haven't been sick in years, and am a frustrated patient.

 My favorite part of the day was getting this photo with my iPhone. All 3 of us are in the emergency or doctor's waiting room, Christy, Joe and I, not knowing what to expect. 2 people waiting ahead of us, just a simple room, no receptionist or anyone to greet us. It's hot outside at 10am and this dog wanders in to lie on the cool floor, seems perfectly natural. 

The door dividing the waiting room from the exam room.

Exam room supplies.

The main workings of this facility in the exam room. Everything very neat and tidy.

It's a Red Cross facility.

Turns out I didn't need antibiotics, yay! The 2 lovely very young female doctors that examined me sent me home with expectorant and Ibuprofen. They were very competent, explained everything to me thoroughly in Spanish, but I think they speak English, and sent me home with the medicine I needed. For all this I paid 100 pesos, which included the meds. That's about $7. The wait was minimal, about 20 minutes. Try getting that kind of care in Massachusetts. I am a happy customer!

If you find you are in need of medical care in this part of the Yucatan, you can find this place near the main highway in Puerto Aventuras. At the roundabout under the highway, take the road into the Pueblo side of the highway, not the gated side. It's right on that main road, about a mile down. They have an ambulance here, so I think are able to handle life threatening emergencies or they can get you to a larger city.

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