Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From One Puerto to Another

Sunday we moved from Puerto Morelos to Puerto Aventuras, an hour taxi ride and a world apart. Both are on the coast, beautiful clear water, warm perfect climate. PM is a small fishing village with a funky older Mexican charm. PA is a modern day, well kept gated community with more first world amenities. I think you'll see what I mean by the photos that appear over the next month. The coast line is gorgeous at both locations!

Our last day in Puerto Morelos, Joe helping some random boat owners get their boat back in the water. Second from the left is Joe :-)

 Puerto Aventuras, I think you'll be seeing this lone palapa out over the water again...

 A planned community, there's a gate everyone must be approved at before getting in. We're in the Villas del Mar, the one with the big pool at the lagoon, to the left of the 'your are here' sign.

Villas del Mar

A real marina with fancy boats.

 Good morning!

 In front of our condo, a great place to swim or read a book.

If you travel south from Cancun, you have to pass a few of these real bus 'bill boards'. A great eye catcher on the highway.

Our condo, home sweet home for the next month.

Joe happily watching the Pats on TV, we get a few American stations...a first world amenity. 

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