Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunrise On A Good Rainy Day

What a spectacular sunrise we had today in Puerto Aventuras, the colors were flying! I dashed out with my Canon camera and was rewarded with a pretty show.

 The pool area in Villas Del Mar

 Our beach.

 My favorite Palapa to photograph.

 A couple enjoying their morning coffee, best seat on the beach and no one else but us were there.

 A first for me, an exercise class on the beach! What a pretty place for it, I watched Pelicans diving for their breakfast while I'm trying to keep up. This was a serious class, I couldn't keep up, and if I can still walk tomorrow I'll go back on Friday. 3 times a week at 8am. Today's class was cut short by rain, we were in it for an hour while it was coming down lightly, a first for me as well.

 Grabbed this with my iPhone, the best place ever to do lunges and crunches while a gentle rain comes down to keep you cool.

A walk in the rain to the outdoor market. Still warm out...

 An Agouti, they run around and remind me of rabbits. Cute!

Nearing the end of the day.


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