Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Early Morning Walk to the Bakery

Shortly after sunrise is a wonderful time to be walking the beach, and going to get freshly baked bread makes it even better. We had been buying it later in the day, but after today I am changing my ways, fresh is best!

Not the only ones out early.

 The beach cleaner truck is getting things ready for the Sunday crowds.

 A family awaits the snorkeling boat to take them to the reef. The shadows were so long I couldn't get out of the picture.

 The main plaza area, love the purple!

 The one and only Panaderia in town. Opens at 8am, and I was reprimanded for entering before 8, apparently the doors are open for ventilation, not for early birds. 

 Great hours for a bakery.
Business is very good, by early afternoon there's a sign on the door saying they are out of bread and closed for day. Don't wait if you want some. Located on the main street with a median off the plaza where most of the restaurants are.

 Excellent whole wheat baguette, with peanut butter and jam, yummy...

2 small loaves, still warm, cost 20 pesos, or $1.57 according to my currency app.

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  1. Catching up on the happenings in your part of the world! What a gorgeous sky morning!