Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sights of Playa Del Carmen

When Christy was visiting the 3 of us went to spend a lovely afternoon in Playa Del Carmen, always a great place for photography, and more. Once again, lots of color, all kinds of people and an excellent meal. 

 A friend for Milo. Milo's still making himself at home at Priscilla and Bill's home in Reading.
Soon to be at home in Pine Hills, as their move to their new home is this month!! Congratulations!

 Just another medicine man in the background... :-)

 Excellent restaurant, Mayan Cuisine.

 Joe and Christy talking to our very gracious hostess.

Hostess with soon to be customer.

 Another restaurant on the main street, 5th Avenida.

 Just making a call.

 Some fancy places in Playa Del Carmen.

Christy at home on our beach in Puerto Aventuras.

 Karate gift.

Passion fruit, my favorite, Christy found it at our local outdoor market. I've been buying them ever since, sour and delicious!

 Passion fruit, love the cracks.
In long pants, getting ready to head home to Boston...

Christy, thanks for the Chaya Margaritas, delicious!

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