Monday, January 10, 2011

The Village of San Clemente, Ecuador

 Center of the village of San Clemente, basically a fishing village on the Pacific Ocean. Joe and I bought sunscreen from this farmacia, an essential item used by locals and estrangeros alike.

Store of everything. Hardware included.

The teen hangout, especially for video games but we saw them playing cards as well.

Waiting for our dinner.

Vegetarian fare in Ecuador: menestra y arroz, ensalada and maduro. In this case lentils and rice, salad and grilled plantains. $5 for 2 people (2 servings of menestra).

Carnival came to town, hence the caterpillar.

Surfing is big in Ecuador.

Love the chocolate intenso bars.

Another dog just resting.

 Shopping with our friends Wayne and Jeff.

Jan and Wayne getting supplies for the home they bought here.

Jeff and his wife Gayle, with supplies: pineapple and paint.

 Stopping off for some ice cream.

The 7 of us went into town to see the parade at night. Photo by Joe.

Manuel took a liking to Joe and kept trying to talk to him in Spanish, Joe's new best friend :-)

More ice cream...

Jessica and her dad, Jeff.

Joe and I left at 10pm and the parade hadn't started yet. People were all dressed up cruising the town having a great time. Of course, it never got cold in the town of eternal perfect weather!

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