Monday, January 10, 2011

Palmazul in San Clemente, Ecuador

Joe and I have been at the lovely Hotel Palmazul in San Clemente for a week now and just loving it!! What a perfect place to be, always the right temperature, mild breezes, crashing wave sounds with pelicans and frigate birds cruising by, luxurious hotel, great food and we've met some very nice new friends. Yes, we have found our place! Walking around barefoot in shorts and tank top all day long is easy to get used to.
I've been too busy photographing the fishermen hauling in their catch every morning, what a great sight that is, long walks at low tide on a wide beach that goes on forever, and reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tatooo" to be blogging, but it's not for a lack of photos. It really is a photographers' paradise here!

 Wayne and Jeff.

A sand dollar burying itself.

Beach property for sale, 2 houses on the sand for $175K.  Would love to buy it :-)

Low tide.

Palmazul at night.

Sunset from our room.

 Palmazul from the beach. Joe and 3 other men are climbing the mountain you see in the background as I type, should be a good blog on that from his link.

 Those for sale houses... wanna go in with us?

Joe loving the warm weather and friendly people, when we see them.


Where we have breakfast every morning.

Love the children!

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