Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going to the Beach: Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

 We left Mindo on Sunday, January 2nd, but not before we had one last great brownie from El Quetzal.

 Brownies are made by these 3 women, who are now my facebook friends. Making the world a little smaller one friend at a time. Carmita, Claudia and Mimi.

Our friends Gary and Karen decided to come visit the beach as well, and were kind enough to drive us the 7 hours there. Most of the roads were great, except the last 20 km or so, but we made it there before dark. We stopped for lunch in this village full of people getting back home after the New Year's weekend. Lunch was sketchy, but no one got sick :-)

Lunch village, Flavio Alfaro, with Gary and Karen's red Honda Pilot on the right, thanks for the ride!

Stopped at a gas station for directions. Even with a couple of good maps and navigators we made a wrong turn, easy to do as signage is scarce.

We turned down several cheap hotels, one didn't even have a toilet seat!, and ended up at the beautiful Hotel La Piedra on the ocean. Much more our style, very comfortable and a great location.

 La Piedra's creative touch :-)

Walking along the boardwalk, enjoying all the activity.

 A gull, but Ian hasn't given me a name for it yet, and as he's on the way to the Amazon it may take a while.

Pool at Hotel La Piedra

We had a good time!  Joe, Gary and Karen. 

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