Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve in Mindo

Wishing everyone a very Happy Year for 2011, Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!

Joe and I walked, again the walking thing, we walk everywhere around this small town. I think we've covered every inch, and have so enjoyed the look into a culture so different from ours.

The Ecuadorians are a bit shorter than Joe.

Beer and bananas, for New Years Eve and everyday.

A special day for men to dress up as women and ask cars passing by for money.

We visited Karen and Gary's new home they built in Mindo. From New Mexico, they have lived here in Mindo for 2 years.

A New Year's custom, making effigies and burning them at midnight.


Strolling around town in family groups.

The next day, sleeping off over-indulgence.

Love the abundance of fresh fruit.

Unusual combination.

 No need for benches with these high curbs. Rubber boots are the national shoe. 

Where we had lunch.

 Great pizza! Personal veggie pizza for $2 each.

Private balcony off of our room with a King bed, very rare size bed in Ecuador. El Quetzal, great place to stay!

We were invited to a womens' soccer game by the kids at Salem, beautiful location. 25 cents to get in and everyone was eating lots of fruit.

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