Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summertime at the Cottage

August 12th, mid summer and what a great summer it's been! I've been in photography heaven, apparently I've taken 10,000 images since beginning of April. Way too few of these have made it to this blog, in spite of my best intensions. The way I have been loading them onto blogspot is cumbersome, first sending them to picasa, then copying their url, one at a time, and putting them into the blog. The images turn out bigger, but this time I thought I'd try just getting them from my iPhoto library directly, choosing the upload method on the left side of the pop up page. It's faster, and maybe I'll do it more often?

I've been very happily busy with my photo club, and investigating what and how to make our cottage a more suitable year round home for when Joe retires next year. Ian's been birding and got his driver's license a few weeks ago, we are all mentally preparing for his launch into college in the fall, UMass Amherst.

So, in no particular order, with no particular theme either than they were taken this summer, here are some photographs...

The sunrises have been spectacular, here's the one from this morning, fresh out of the camera.

I've been playing with zoom blur, all done in the camera.

Laughing Gulls at Plymouth beach, taken with Ian's helpful instructions.

Ian and his spotting scope.

Dunes at Plymouth Beach.

Plimoth Plantation.

Night shoot in Boston.

Milo relaxing.

Ian, Andrew and Tayler.

Ian and his new recording gear.


The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor.

Cottage with Magnolia in full bloom. April 21.

More macro.


  1. Light the zoom on the night city shot, and your macros!

  2. Amy, you should sell the Plymouth Plantation shot to them to use in promotional brochures -- I'm not kidding. It's that good. Contact their promo dept. and see if they need gorgeous shots. The color, position, etc. are completely inviting.

    I'm also attached to the beautiful shot of the cottage from over the water. Well done!