Monday, August 16, 2010

Cape Cod Canal Sunrise: 2 Bridges

The Cape Cod Canal has 3 bridges over it, the Sagamore, the Bourne and the Railroad. The past 2 days a group of us went to the canal next to the Maritime Academy to photograph the sun coming up close to the middle of the Bourne Bridge and the Railroad Bridge. Yesterday, it was a fantastic sunrise, but I was only able to go today. So here are some photos I took at 5am this morning, and one I didn't, because it was yesterday.

The above photo was taken by my friend Rick yesterday, what a great sunrise it was!

Sometimes called the blue hour, before the sun is up.

A church next to the Maritime Academy.

I added a bit of color to this one...

Great ripples from a passing boat.

Sailboat headed to Buzzards Bay.

Maritime Academy students running bright and early.

2 bridges and lots of clouds :-) Still a nice morning to be out shooting with friends.


  1. My favorite is the "blue hour" bridge with the light reflection -- like the strong colors!