Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Morning Walk Through Lucca

Yesterday I had the delightful pleasure of walking around Lucca with no design other than to see what was going on. Always wonderful happenings when walking in a town where everyone walks... being on the move with your feet creates it's own compelling energy. I love it!

These are the images I created from my rewarding walk in the morning for 2 and a half hours starting at 10:30am with the focus being on seeing and trying to make a good photograph. So lucky to be able to stroll out my front door and wander around town on a beautiful day with my new camera, the Fujifilm X-T2,  and my iPhone, but those will be posted later, maybe. Here are the mirrorless camera photographs (Fujifilm X-T2). I processed them in Adobe Lightroom playing with a new tonality I'm experimenting with, hope you like them.

Started the walk here, in the Piazza we live on. The view is always interesting and vibrant. The tables and umbrellas just went up yesterday, the warm season has begun!
The large structure behind the umbrella could use a facelift, any investors out there want to see what they can do with an old Palacio?

Everyday working people working. 

Live music under the old wall, on the way to Porta Elise.

A favorite view of mine... there are many :-)

A cool looking car for Andy, Ian's roommate and friend, to appreciate. 


All kinds of fashion around, even little boys have it here in Italy.

Taking a child on a bike through an arch in the old wall. 
(You don't see that in Massachusetts!)

Spanking new notices put up as I walked by. 

Man bun. 

Such a sweet dog, very soft, too. 

Watering on the balcony in Piazza dell' Anfiteatro. 

Yes, everyone rides bicycles here. 

I love seeing the bicycles everywhere, adds to the charm of Lucca.

This last image was taken into Adobe Photoshop where I added a texture from Kerstin Frank, who is on Flickr, she generously provides free textures on her feed.  All the other images were only taken through Adobe Lightroom, both in the Adobe Creative Cloud version of these programs.

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