Friday, February 26, 2016

Photos from the Window

Here are a few unusual perspective images I took from our living room window, by opening the window and hanging out of it. The camera was my Canon 6D with a Lensbaby composer lens. I love they way it softens the edges and gives a photograph a unique look. Thanks for looking!

This reminds me Where's Waldo.

Two women friends in ernest conversation.

Going out for some fresh air.

The street sweeper truck, looking like a toy! The streets are kept very clean in Seville.

A dinning area in the indoor market.

Indoor market produce.

Having lunch in Seville, Spain.


  1. Thank goodness someone, (you) finally found Waldo.

  2. My girlfriend recently gave me a camera for my birthday, and I've decided to learn how to use it properly. Your post is a big help, and it gives me an idea of how to experiment with various lenses. I like the way you framed your pictures, and the subjects are amazing. Even that street sweeper truck looks great!