Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Warm Tones of Roussillon, France

Roussillon is known for its ochre deposits, warm pigments that color the walls of the homes in town. It makes for a very unique and colorful village, set high on a hill with stunning views. Here are just a few images with the natural colors of the land that surrounds Roussillon, it's a great place to be with your camera!

 Before we reached Roussillon we stopped at Pont Julien. Well designed, ancient and still looks like it will be here in another thousand years.

 Spring is coming, bee on a blossom.

  Looking down on Roussillon

 I'm in love with blue doors on this trip, they have me at blue.

 Traditional view going up the hill.

 Ah, another blue door...and ochre stone wall, great combination!

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