Wednesday, March 11, 2015

French People, Bicycles and Nighttime at the Hotel de Ville, Paris

Yesterday was our last day visiting  in Paris, and the Hotel de Ville area was our playground. So much to see and Paris delivered in beautiful and interesting ways, as always. With cameras in hand, as if we'd leave them, ha! off we went to explore. I think we walked for over 4 hours until I cried uncle (it's hard to stop wanting to see what's around the next corner) and we had a bite to eat at another prefect little cafe that serves at all hours. This one has glass windows that open up in warmer weather.
Cafe Louis Philippe

Great food and the friendliest, happy-to-be-there waiter ever.

Inside the cafe, these men do a fine job of taking care of their customers.

Another patron at the cafe. So French looking...

We were very lucky to see a photography show in the Hotel de Ville, very inspiring! 
Paris Magnum Exposition: 80 years of Parisian History. Many famous photographers were represented! These were the guards at the door.

I was so inspired I made some artsy images :-)

 Just like Henri Cartier-Bresson... well, close maybe? Considered to be the father of photojournalism.

Talking on the phone. For me... at the exact right place :-) 

 Hotel de Ville at the blue hour, just after the sun went down.

 The Hotel de Ville houses the city's local administration and has done so since 1357! How's that for old??

I took many, a few worked. All done in camera. 

 Paris is for lovers...

 Another view of the Hotel de Ville

 River Seine at night.

 Coming home from work.

More famous French photographer inspiration. 

Night time on the River Seine with the spot light from the Eiffel Tower. 


  1. Wow so wonderful as if I am there with you. Love the sense of place you capture and showing Parisian life!

  2. Maybe surprisingly, my favorite is of the cafe. It's so quintessentially Parisian and visually interesting at the same time! All those verticals and horizontals... :-)