Saturday, February 8, 2014

Water Everywhere in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Water and Bougainvillea are a seductive mix. 

 Our last night in this condo, living on the first floor, steps from the pool is now my new favorite place to be. 

Friendly people, most of them from colder parts of the US, or Canada.

Our neighbors, Bill and Linda from Nashville. Good sports!
I used my iPhone 5S in Slo Mo video

Love the bright colors! 

Porto Bello Condo Pool.

No water, just some interesting stairs....leading to water.

Lots of outdoor places to eat right outside our door. We haven't had a car in 3 weeks, I don't miss it at all. The outdoor market next door on Wednesdays and Saturdays provides all our produce, and the small stores here have beer, Nutella and bread. I walk to the pueblo on the other side of the highway to get fresh tortillas, all set!

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