Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Villas Del Mar: Winding down a Fine Vacation

Joe, Ian and I have been in Puerto Aventuras for nearly 2 months, and tomorrow it's time to head home to Massachusetts. I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the weather, that's Joe's department, but I know its going to involve wearing shoes and coats, and a lot more clothes than we've had on our backs here. I think I wore out my 2 old bathing suits. This was a wonderful place to be with friends and family, laying around the beach, reading and swimming. Add in some work from afar on my laptop to keep things running with my photo club and taking care of the usual adult responsibilities, definitely a wonderful vacation with all in balance!!

Oh, the beach...!

My favorite spot under a palapa in the shade with a good book. Such a luxury!

Mr. Tan Man. Joe somehow got very tan, even keeping his shirt on and in the shade.

Guacamole every day, made by Joe. I think we went through 360 avocados, and they were good!

Ian finding the best warm mango.

Our last evening walk on the beach tonight, pretty place.

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