Sunday, February 9, 2014

Village of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Puerto Aventuras is a self contained coastal gated community made up of condos, hotels, homes, golf courses, shops, marina and restaurants. The village part is called Centro, or the center of the village, as opposed to the Poblado, the pueblo on the other side of the highway. Or so Joe tells me, he's my go to guy for the facts. I tend to think of it as the village where the tourists and estrangeros live and play and the pueblo where all the support people that make the village run smoothly live and play.

Here's my view of the village where we are spending 2 months, and a fine place it is. Everything you could want is within walking distance of our condo, along with warm sunny swimming weather.

She was so agreeable when I asked if I could take her photo with her dog.
Taken in front of OXXO, the main convenience store in our village.

Our local outdoor maker. Just what you see, it's not like a farmers market, although some people sell homemade goods, sometimes, when they feel like it. Open Wednesday and Saturdays, 8:30 - 4pm. Cash only, bring change, they like that, and your own bags if you have them. they have plenty of fresh veggies and tropical fruits, even some apples and pears from the states. So far we've bought 260 avocados since January 1st, we like avocados!

No comment needed :-)

One of our dinners at home, fajitas with fresh tomato and guacamole. We mainly eat in, the fresh produce is plentiful and Ian is my sous chef, cutting everything up nicely for me.  Joe makes guacamole daily and takes care of all the dishes and they both help with the heavy lifting from the market. A nice table outside and we're all set!

An evening view of the village overlooking the dolphin area.

Drinking beer any time is allowed, anywhere.

People swimming with the dolphins. 

An Italian restaurant.

Gelato anyone? I think there are at least 4 Gelato stores here.

The ubiquitous tourist knick knack store, they have what you need.

Joe, Ian and I having lunch outside at Dos Chiles.  HDR made Ian's head look funny....

Looking for photo ops...

We buy bread, Nutella, beer, ketchup, chips, salsa and other goods at Oxxo, best prices in town. For a real supermarket we walk to Chedraui outside the gates and take a taxi back if we buy heavy groceries.

Having a cappuccino.

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