Wednesday, May 7, 2014

France by small camera.

These were taken with my iPhone 5S and processed using Snapseed. A few were posted on my Facebook page, so those images may look familiar to some of you that are active Facebook friends.
I love the ease of capturing a moment quickly and unobtrusively with a small camera. The panoramic, HDR and automatic download to my laptop features are great, too.

The street we live on in Arles. Jack Russell is by far the most popular dog in Arles. 

Arles arena.

St Remy 3 images as well.

Van Gogh sanitarium.

Arles, the Rhone river.

Aix en Provence flower market.

Arles street looking pretty.

Camargue horses.

Looking at Gordes, a perfect Provence hilltop town.

Roussillon, best color town award! 

Roussillon, recognize the warm tones?

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