Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sales Pitch in Playa Del Carmen

As we had lunch outside a man named David approached us with a deal we couldn't refuse. Well, we could refuse it, but didn't, this time. Everywhere you go today someone is offering a great deal if only you give them 90 minutes of your time. You've seen it or heard it, the reward is money, or a free stay in a nice hotel or gift card to Nordstrom's...something for nothing. Only, of course, it never is!

Last time we succumbed to this was about 15 years ago, Joe has been steadfast about saying no every time since. He's right. But this time I went to the restroom and when I got back David had convinced him and Ian that is was a good idea, and I went along, it was a good deal and we were curious, and had the time. Well, it will be another 15 years until we do it again...! Still, it was fun in a sick kind of way.

We got a free breakfast, they neglected to tell us that the sales person, Emanuela, was going to be dining with us. We now know alot about her now, she's from Italy and very proud of it.

Ian being tolerant, he agreed to it, too, and it was a good lesson on what these pitches are like.

View from the breakfast place, nice.

Emanuela getting the idea that we weren't really going to buy a $300,000 fractional ownership in a private residence club. Another name for a timeshare. Oh, and fees were around $2000 year for a 2 week stay. Did they really think we would just say yes?? Do people just buy this kinda thing on impulse? It was really nice, but not waterfront, so we said no, ha! Trouble is we had to say no a hundred times.

A great 3 bedroom unit, Ian made himself comfortable. 3D glasses gratis.

Includes a private stairway to this roof top deck area.

At this point, when they tried to close us, we had all had enough, I think Emanuela was getting the message.


In case you wanted to stay here, only $1490 US Dollars a night for the big place.

We got our measly $130, and as soon as we walked out the door another seller approached us and said he'd pay us $350 is we would go down the street and sit through another one! One could make money at this, but don't think we'll go there... :-)

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  1. And in a few years, you will be able to rent and buy at normal prices :-)
    In the meantime you can sell them your ziggurat image for a promo piece.