Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Mexico!

Another lovely day in Puerto Morelos, not too different from any other lovely day here. The usual shops are open, the street cleaners are going about their daily routine, the sun is shining and the ocean is inviting. For a Catholic country they don't make much of a fuss, a decided lack of commercialism.  On our end there is no shopping, no gift wrapping, no baking, no decorating, no stress, no cooking beyond what we usually do, a Christmas that works for us.

I did go on a hunt yesterday for a chocolate cake, and found a great one, yummy!!!

Our plant centric diet is very colorful. Loving all the fresh fruit here.

Ian has taken up snorkeling, and starts scuba diving lessons tomorrow with his friend Luke. Luke is flying in from Maine today.

Just to show you the size of our Hertz rental car. Tiny!  With roll down windows and no automatic locks, there's no problem putting the windows back up when the car is off.

Ian birding with his recording equipment at the local Jardin.

Our Christmas morning swim. Photo by Joe.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope it was a good one!!

An update on Milo, who is being so well taken care of by his foster parents, Bill and Priscilla back in MA.  For Christmas his dreams of abundant socks came true! Milo loves to drag socks or dish towels around the house, which he finds in laundry baskets or on top of dryers. Thanks Bill and Priscilla for taking such good care of him and sending this funny photo!

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