Monday, February 13, 2012

Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

Joe and I have been in South Carolina since December 18th, and enjoying every moment in this beautiful part of America. Boone Hall Plantation, just outside of Charleston, in Mt Pleasant,  is a photographers' paradise, as is Charleston, and I have been encouraged by Joe and others to share my images. So here's a start, I've shot around 3500 photos, and it does no good keeping them on my laptop :-) This grouping comes from our morning at Boone Hall on February 11th, already there are Poppies and Magnolias blooming. If you have a chance to visit, I'd highly recommend this beautifully preserved, longest working plantation in America.

Longest avenue of Live Oaks in the South.

 Gullah, a people, Gullah, a nation. Jacquie did a magnificent presentation of what it was like living in the slave quarters, and working on the farm. Made me cry to think of how badly perfectly innocent people were treated for the benefit of others, a moving experience, a beautiful woman.

 Getting ready for an event on the water.

 Slave quarters: up to 15 people lived in one 'house'.

 Excavated remnants.

 Way too many ships, even one is too many.


 Not the house when the farm was in full swing before the Civil War. Built in 1930, the live in owners generously allow people to tour the first floor.

 Joe and the Live Oaks.

Poppies and the smoke house.

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