Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holidays on the Green at Pinehills, Plymouth, MA

A yearly tradition at Pinehills is the Holidays on the Green, and December 5th was the perfect day for it. Craftsmen and local artisans selling their goods, Santa, face painting, and the very popular Reindog parade. 
For a comprehensive list of the many activities offered, check out this listing here:
I was hired to photograph the events of the day and enjoyed it immensely, everyone out and about having a great time in a beautiful place!
Hope you like seeing the photos as much as I delighted in making them.

People love their dogs, such devotion to their pals was good to see.

It was a family affair kind of day.

This puppy was irresistible, so soft and cuddly, she was in the top 3 winners.

These beautiful Greyhounds won first place, well dressed and behaved.

Also in the top 3 winner category, sweet dog. Nice people, too!!

Handsome couple checking out the goods at the Animal Shelter table.

The scene at the Green.

The children grabbed every dog that let them, they were too compelling to resist.

 One well dressed boy, he's styling'.

Best expression winner in my book!

 Santa in the Post Office.

These carolers were troopers, walking around all day singing away.

A moment.

Another really cute dog, what a great face!

Towards the end of the day, after the main events were over. But before.....

Santa at the Tree Lighting 

Taking a break after a long day outside with his family.


  1. The the 'A Moment' image (along with all the others.)

  2. Love these photos, Amy. What a beautiful day for a reindog parade!