Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back in France!

Where are we now... in France, just outside of Paris!! Joe and I are exploring the great land of France with our cameras and enjoying all the wonderful old world goodness, the people and the food. Also liking the lack of snow and warmer weather. Ian's in Ithaca, NY at his new job with Cornell Lab of Ornithology... this blog was started as a Where are Ian and Amy now :-) Joe has his own blog at Joe's Retirement Blog, and most likely if you're reading this, you may have subscribed to his blog, too. He posted a great one on Notre-Dame today.

Joe and I have been here for nearly a week, and I keep thinking I'm going to start blogging at the beginning, but if I wait any longer the beginning of our time in France will be way in the past. So I'll start with today's photos, everyday we go out and see such amazing things, it's a lot of fun walking around a new place with Joe, both of us with our cameras egging each other on, Joe has a great eye and sees things I miss.

The town is Meaux, and it's claim to fame is it's Gothic Cathedral. Our routine, if we have one, is to leave our comfy condo mid to late morning, drive to a new destination and visit the Tourist Information office, get a map. Find a place to have a nice long lunch, then explore and try and capture something worth sharing :-) Head back home when we feel like it, pick up some fresh bread and veggies for dinner, process our images and before we know it the day is over! Sleep and repeat!

Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Meaux

Inside same Cathedral, loved the light coming through the windows, impressive space!!!


I didn't know I caught this until I was processing it, ha ha :-)

Great name...literally "at the pleasure of bread."  Yes.

School vacation week in this part of France, nice seeing children around.

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