Sunday, December 28, 2014

Visiting A Havana Community Center in Cuba

As part of our People to People visa program to enter Cuba from the United States, we visited a wide variety of local places: senior centers, dance companies, art galleries, print making shops, a little bit of everything. All of them very interesting and providing an insight into life in Cuba, the people we met were happy and welcoming, letting us use our cameras and offering a friendly smile.

Since our group has returned from Cuba, December 11th, relations with Cuba have thawed according to Obama, and many rejoice! Cubans that depend on remittances from their relatives in the States will be able to receive more money, and hopefully travel to Cuba will be less fraught with visas and restrictions. I don't think our awesome group of photographers had anything to do with it, but it's fun to take some credit :-)

 A dapper gentleman at the senior center.

 The cook in the kitchen, she could be my grandmother.



Happy New Year!! The triumph of the revolution... Doesn't look so triumphant with so little on the shelves.  Note the cash register and transistor radio, puts you back a few years, doesn't it?

 Walking the neighborhood.

 Getting a shave.

Relaxing at home, while keeping an eye on things...


 Youth gathering, peacefully.

 Man and blue wall. I love the colors!

More grooming. We never saw a sloppy Cuban, always looking good and well dressed. Eyebrows plucked on the young men.

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