Monday, July 9, 2012

PDP (Plymouth Digital Photographers) 3rd Year Anniversary Party

On a beautiful, warm, clear Saturday evening, July 7th, about 45 photography friends  (PDP link) gathered at Plymouth Beach for a party celebrating our 3 years as a photo club. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening, great light, lovely children, talented and friendly photographers and spinning, burning fireballs! Everyone brought a dessert to share, their cameras and tripods and we were a very happy bunch!!

 The tide going out, giving us lots of room to play.

Domi with some of our friends' grandchildren.

 Such joy!

 Getting a hug from Laura.

Great reflections and beautiful children.

 Getting ready for the Rings of Fire.

 One of many Rings of Fire spun by Kevin. Steel wool on fire...


Julie back for a visit from California.

So fun shooting these!!


  1. Beautiful pics, Amy -- but I don't understand what I'm actually seeing with the fire?? Is the motion the way you're shooting it, or is stuff actually spinning around? More info, please! :-)

  2. We wrap very fine steel wool around and into a metal whisk, tie the whisk to the end of a rope or chain, and swing it around after lighting it on fire. Who knew steel wool would catch on fire, but it does, and it send out sparks as it's spinning. Pretty neat, eh??