Friday, May 1, 2009

World Series of Birding

Ian and Luke will be heading to NJ next week to participate in the World Series of Birding. For 3 days they scout the entire state with the help of Kai and the competition starts at midnight on Friday night and continues until midnight on Saturday. The team with the most bird species sightings wins. Everyone has a good time and money is raised for each team's designated cause. Ian, Luke and Kai chose the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences where Ian is now working. Note: Amy will not be going to NJ.  Heidi, Luke's Mom, has been kind enough to take them for the last 2 years and will do so again this year.

The photo is of Ian and Luke at Ellisville, Plymouth last week.
The write up is from Manomet Center for Conservation services.

Bander Leads World Series of Birding Team

Success is in His Sights!

Ian Davies and his team of birders are looking forward to participating in the upcoming World Series of Birding. The team has decided to donate proceeds from pledges to Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

Manomet Volunteer “Bander” Leads

World Series of Birding Team to

Support Bird Conservation

Ian Davies, a volunteer with Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences’ bird banding program, and his teammates are determined to break a record in the World Series of Birding. Ian’s team will head to New Jersey where the Series will take place, from May 9th through May 10th, with the big 24-hour marathon day on May 9th. Similar events will be held all over the globe, rallying birders to identify, by sight or sound, as many species as possible within 24 hours. Through this event, Ian’s team is hoping to raise funds to help support the bird conservation work of Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. The organization’s efforts in bird research and conservation spans nearly four decades. Key accomplishments have included developing national plans for Waterbirds and Shorebirds, establishing the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, and operating one of North America’s oldest land bird-banding programs.

Ian, a homeschooler and resident of Manomet, has been a volunteer in Manomet’s banding program for 6 years. He believes in the importance of the organization’s mission enough to not only help out on his own free time, but also to raise funds to enable the research to continue. “Birds have a very important role in our planet’s overall ecosystem,” says Ian. “They are indicators of change, kind of like canaries in the coal mines. It’s good to be part of an event that will help stop their declining populations and to save their habitats.”

Ian’s team, “The Skuaz” (named after a seabird and long-distance migrant), includes: Luke Seitz from Maine and Kai Reed, who is also from Massachusetts.

The World Series of Birding competition started in 1984, when Roger Tory Peterson himself led the winning team in tallying 201 species in 24 hours. Ian says his team would be “thrilled to get anywhere close to that number.” For more information about the World Series of Birding please Click Here

“We’re ready to go” says Ian. “We would love to break a record. We’ll give it our best shot!”

Make A Pledge!

Ian is encouraging anyone who loves birds and nature to pledge a gift to Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in time for the World Series of Birding event. Pledges that are received by May 5th will receive a Manomet Center pin. To pledge, contact Kathleen McKinnon at 508-224-6521 or at



Kathleen H. McKinnon

Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences


P.O. Box 1770

ManometMA 02345



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