Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catching the Spring Blossoms in Washington DC

March 31st was the peak of the cherry and magnolia blossoms, what a special, sunny, perfect day to enjoy Spring!  People from many nationalities were walking around the Cherry Blossom Festival area near the National Mall and cameras were clicking every second. There must be thousands of photos on the web covering the beauty of  Washington DC.  Here are a few more :-)

Ian and I drove to Haines Point in the morning to look for birds and blossoms, then we met up with Joe at 3:30 pm, his usual get off work time. We took the metro in the afternoon, parking was extremely scarce and the metro is easy.

A very cooperative Ring-billed Gull at Haines Point.

So very, many blooming trees, I took a whole lot of photographs. It looks good in photographs, but in real life it's truly stunning!

After many years of shooting birds I finally got one in flight that has the body in focus!

Cherry tree blossoms.

Reagan Airport opposite Haines Point.

Budding willow tree.

Getting the metro at Pentagon City, a block from our apartment.




Hirshorn Museum bag people sculptures with Joe and Ian.

Ian, me and Magnolia blossoms.

The Castle  and more blooming Magnolias.

Weeping Cherry.


Enid's gardens at the Castle.

Magnolia blossom up close.

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